Pixel sprites done on livestream with the asp
(APRIL 2021)
Scientific illustration practice turned design.
(AUGUST 2020)
Promotional image
(JULY 2020)
A sticker sheet
(JUNE 2020)
A timber rattlesnake depicted showing parental care of young. 
(DEC 2019)
Another "Danger noodle" image.  Care was taken to bring out the elegant beauty in the shape of the snake, taking inspiration from traditional Chinese and Japanese paintings of dragons.  Working with a limited palette.  
(SEP 2019)

​​​​​​​An attempt at a "low-poly" style, depicting an Arizona black rattlesnake and a Western rattlesnake fighting.  Male rattlesnakes compete for females by engaging in a wrestling dance, instead of attacking with their venom.  
(SEP 2019)
​​​​​​​A play on the phrase "danger noodle", a term coined by the internet to describe snakes in an endearing manner.  
(AUG 2019)
An illustration depicting a blacktail rattlesnake.  Blacktails are the first species of rattlesnake documented displaying parental care.  
(AUG 2019)
"RESPECT SERPENTS".  From left to right: timber rattlesnake, garter snake, Arizona black rattlesnake, copperhead, and ball python
(JUL 2019)

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